Thank you, Diaspora!

19 November 2020

Dearest sisters and brothers in the Diaspora,

Throughout the war, we witnessed unprecedented unity and mobilization of all Armenians around the world. Our Diaspora truly became Armenia’s and the Armenian nation’s only anchor and backbone. Throughout the world, Armenians joined the fight for their Homeland, for Artsakh and for the Armenian people.

The assistance took every shape and form: material, financial, medical, psychological, military, political and often diplomatic. In many instances, the Diaspora even filled the gaps that were within the purview of the State. Until today, humanitarian aid continues to arrive in Armenia from the Diaspora, even from the most remote communities.

Perhaps the most inspiring example of patriotism and devotion were the scores of Diaspora volunteers who deployed to Artsakh to defend our homeland during the war. Some sacrificed their lives, many others were wounded, but none abandoned their positions.

Among our healthcare professionals on the frontlines there were many doctors and medical professionals from the Diaspora, some of whom are still here caring for our wounded soldiers. In essence, every major volunteering initiative in Armenia during the war included our compatriots from the Diaspora.

Doubtless, the political and lobbying efforts of the Diaspora, which continue to date, have not been in vain. During the brutal days of the war, when the world turned a blind eye and Armenia was left alone against Turkey’s and Azerbaijan’s military aggression, the Diaspora remained Armenia's only window to the world, it's only connection to humanity, it's only source of hope and faith.

Dear compatriots,

For your unwavering support, for your steadfast assistance to the Homeland, for your selfless sacrifices, we are grateful. Thank you for every effort, for your love, for your care and patriotism. We all lost this war, but undefeated are the Armenian soldier and the Armenian Diaspora.

Defeat is cruel and our wounds are very deep. Yet the struggle continues, and we have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us. Let us close ranks, let us rise from the ashes, let us honor the heroism of our martyrs and persevere.

Սփյուռքի Գլխավոր Հանձնակատարի Գրասենյակ Diaspora High Commissioner's Office