“If you want to help, they’ll notice and receive you with open arms.” -Dr. Darbidian

22 June 2021

Our Office, in collaboration with the Armenian American Sports Medicine Coalition and the RA Ministry of Health facilitated the arrival of Dr. Andre Darbidian, an Orthopedic Physical Therapist from La Cañada Flintridge, California. On a month-long visit to Armenia, Andre has been lending his skills to the Scientific Research Institute of Spa Treatment and Physical Medicine in Yerevan, treating both wounded servicemen from the recent Artsakh war and the Institute’s general patients.

Throughout his experience working with wounded servicemen, common injuries range from muscular immobility due to metal shards or “bekors” having penetrated the body and neuropathic impact on muscles from battleground bombings. To treat these types of injuries, Dr. Darbidian uses exercises that promote neuromuscular connection and get their bodies moving again.

While his work can be daunting and difficult, he is overly grateful and happy to be here in the Homeland, both being more in tune with his roots and treating those that made the ultimate sacrifice to defend and protect our Homeland.

The Institute’s medical professionals have received him with open arms and Andre embraces them as his second family. He will head back to the US soon, but plans to be back in Armenia every year to continue his work. To his Diaspora Armenian colleagues who also want to come to Armenia and provide their professional expertise in medicine, Andre says, “Just do it. Come out and be among your people. If you want to help, they’ll notice and receive you with open arms.”

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