Effie Knew That She'd Return to the Homeland Someday

15 December 2021

Effie Karadjian’s journey to Armenia started in May 2012 when she came to Armenia for the first time to climb Mount Ararat with her 2 friends Talin and Nadia, and their daughters, Cassandra and Garni. After this initial trip, where she also visited the ancient lands of Kars, Lake Van, Akhtamar and Ani, she returned to Armenia several times. Born in Tehran, Iran and raised in Toronto, Canada, she knew that one day she would return to Armenia to live in the land of her forefathers. 

The onset of the COVID pandemic, along with the devastating 44-day war, brought those plans to fruition much faster than anticipated. After volunteering at Intra Mental Health Centre in Davtashen and teaching yoga classes at various studios and NGO’s in Yerevan, she has now repatriated permanently to Armenia where she will be leading yoga and mindfulness classes. Her plan is to bring yoga and mindfulness to corporations and private clients as her main form of livelihood, while volunteering her time to bring yoga to wounded soldiers and the parents of departed heroes. “Although it will never take the pain away of losing your child or losing your limbs, I hope to bring some form of relief and healing from years of trauma and war,” says Effie.

Effie believes in the healing and therapeutic power of yoga and movement to help reduce stress and cultivate inner peace. You can follow her on FB at Effie K-eh or on Instagram @yupiyogi. Website yupiyogi.com coming in 2022.

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