The High Commissioner received the participants of the "Diaspora Youth Ambassador" program

16 April 2022

On April 15, High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan received the participants of the "Diaspora Youth Ambassador" program Harutyun Atoyan (Russia, Chita) and Marie Hunanyan (the Federal Republic of Germany, Dusseldorf). Greta Mnatsakanyan, program manager, was also present at the meeting.

Welcoming the guests, the High Commissioner asked about the activities of the young ambassadors, in particular, what results they recorded and what observations they came to during these 8 months of work. "Creating a strong connection with Diaspora is one of the key goals of this program. Today, you, the young ambassadors, are the ones who provide that connection, who, being in different parts of the world, have the same mission: to bring Armenia and Diaspora closer, to preserve the viability of the Armenian communities. I am glad that our efforts are yielding results. I hope that your ranks will continue to be replenished",-said Zareh Sinanyan.


Participant of the program "Diaspora Youth Ambassador" Harutyun Atoyan presented the activities done in the Armenian community of Chita. Due to his and other community activists’ efforts, an Armenian educational and cultural center was established and now it operates in Chita, where about 60 of our compatriots study the Armenian language, Armenian culture and are engaged in Sambo sports. "This program gave me a lot of confidence, strength, new knowledge and skills. All this helps me a lot in organizing the work of the center",-said Harutyun Atoyan. Diaspora Youth Ambassador to Germany Marie Hunanyan spoke about her activities. Within the framework of the program, visiting various cities, Marie gets acquainted with the problems of the Armenian community in Germany, finds out the range of interests of those living in the community. Marie emphasized that one of the problems of the Armenian community in Germany is the knowledge of the Armenian language, the lack of a thorough study of the history and present of their homeland. She noted that the local Armenian youth expresses a great desire to communicate directly and get acquainted with Armenia and compatriots living there.

At the end of the meeting, Diaspora Youth Ambassadors expressed their readiness to stay in touch with the office after the completion of the program and expressed gratitude for the consistent work and opportunity to participate in the program.

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